join ''Yoga Instructor Course(YIC)"... teach and spread the spirit of Yoga for a better world.


Whatever might be our age,position...Low or High and whatever might be our achievements...we all need Mentors to Guide us,Correct us and motivate us constantly..Though we may not realise this..still top achievers of the globe have Mentors....

Who can be a your mentor....

Who is knowledgeable,Guide,Experienced,Teacher,Coach and Concerned in the well being of the other individuals.

Yoga Guru Vijay is the one who is a student of Yoga for the last thirty years and having twenty five years of teaching experience and have encountered thousands of people with different physiological and psychological problems.

He studied Philosophy and Mind at Post Graduate level ,not only that, he is one among the very few who transcended beyond mind.

Knowledge of the workings of the Body and Mind are his core areas.

Mentoring may take weeks to months depending on the person who needs it.

Counselling and Guidance,Yoga,different Meditation methods,relaxation techniques and constant monitoring....

of diet,sleep,exercise,rest,relaxation and amount of work they do during the day would be taken care of.....

Let us all be blessed with Health and Happiness.

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